E Pluribus Unum

I woke up late. Much later than I expected to. And when I did, I had a hope against hope that I dreamt it all up. That’s the speciality of time. Doesn’t matter whether I want to turn it around, it just keeps marching ahead. As the day progressed, I witnessed that the emotions were […]

I am Muslim and Gay

As I was finishing off my sehri and looking forward to the day of fasting on a supposedly serene Sunday early morning, my television was playing the aftermath of yet another mass shooting in a town of the corner state. I waited for the press conference only to listen that details were to be revealed […]

Intolerance of Indian Majority

The mention of Silicon Valley brings the images of the glass buildings nestled in the midst of large open spaces filled with highly-skilled ‘educated’ professionals. Silicon Valley also portrays the overwhelming presence of the Indian community. A community that I belong to. At least, legally, I still belong to. Today, I witnessed a shattering. A […]

Special Day for U.S.A.

A day when the rolling tears get to hold & the flowing smiles get to ride… There shan’t be any more labels, it shall be just marriage… United States of America legalised same-sex marriage throughout the country today. From today every marriage gets the same dignity, honour and justice. One more win for love… Here’s […]