E Pluribus Unum

I woke up late. Much later than I expected to. And when I did, I had a hope against hope that I dreamt it all up.

That’s the speciality of time. Doesn’t matter whether I want to turn it around, it just keeps marching ahead.

As the day progressed, I witnessed that the emotions were remarkably divisive. Some were celebrating by lighting up the skies with fireworks. Some were mourning under the fire shower of those skies. Some just were a seated audience to the fires. None of it better or worse, until history determines what’s what.

Pain is a very powerful sense amongst human beings. It replaced kingdoms with republics; tyranny with peace; oppression with sensibility; and hatred with love.

Pain was what created the third force. And it was pain that defeated it so.

Time is a remarkable teacher, healer and soother. Every wound gets healed. Of course some leave a scar, but with each scar, time teaches us how to avoid more. Though, sometimes, multiple scars are needed to make sure the original pain is reminded.

As we embark upon the new journey, with no crystal ball in hand; let’s be aware that no matter what, time cannot be held onto.

Patience, perseverance and preservation were, are and will be the foundations to surge ahead.

Probably the triumphant trumpets were not of our choice. Maybe the incoming tempest is not of our making. Perhaps the thumping steps are not those of our conscience.

At the end, the only thing that matters is that we are each other’s keepers – E Pluribus Unumout of many, one.

The clouds may try their best, but the sun always shines.

* * *

A king once assembled his advisors and asked them to come up with an inscription for his ring. His conditions were simple. In sadness, those words must uplift him. In happiness, those words must humble him.

His ring was inscribed with the words – this too shall pass.

Mohammed Shaik Hussain Ali